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Key Exhibition

Sol Le Witt


Andy Warhol




Joan Miro


Antoni Tapies


James Brown


Keith Carter

Alberto Giacometti

Damien Hirst

Joan Miro & Antoni Tapies

Lee Manik


21 GALA Exhibition

Exhibition of commemorating Sol Lewitt




Top Show






The Most Valuables 2018

The Masterpieces

Nam Kwan


Moon Hak Jin


Chun Kyung-Ja 

Jeun Loijin 

Valerio Adami

Ayako Rokakku

Ahn Hei Bin

Ryu Ho Yeol

Kim Young Won

20 Exclusive artists of Juliana Gallery

1. Irregular Grid

2. Splotch color sculptures

    writing by Juliana Park

1. Self portrait polaroid photos

   Silk screen prints on paper


2. Flowers Exhibition

    writing by Juliana Park

– Paintings / drawings / sculptures

– Installations / drawing collages / drawings / paintings / prints


1. Miracle Salt

   writing by Vincent Katz

2. The Planet

    writing by Juliana Park

– Photography

    writing by Jihye Kim



– Drawings / prints

– The Souls

– Exhibition of commemorating '2003, The Year of Spain'

1. Oil paintings


2. Oil paintings

– Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring, Elizabeth Murray, Sean Scully, Eduardo Chillida, ​Pierre Alechinsky

– Sol Lewitt, Josef Albers, Andy Warhol, ...





Part 1: A special exhibition in commemoration of receiving a cultural medal from the King of Spain.

Part 2: A special exhibition in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Juliana Gallery

– Donald Judd, Gerhard Richter, ...

– Kusama Yayoi, Murakami Takashi, Lee Wufan, Jeong Sanghwa, ...

– Oil paintings



– Collage on paper

    writing by Juliana Park


– Drawings / paintings

– Sculptures

    writing by Juliana Park

– Paintings

    writing by Juliana Park

1. Cardboard Paintings


2. Acrylic on Canvas

– Flow of energy / Oil paintings

    writing by Juliana Park / Jung Keun Won

– Video / Media Obje / Photography

    writing by Kim Sung Ho

– Flowers Blossom

    writing by Kim Mee Jin

Ryu Ho Yeol, Ahn Hei Bin, ...

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